Contemporary Hardwood Floors

Fuse Flooring results from an appreciation of nature – its ability to create and inspire. We’re moved by wood’s uneven grain, its knots, and unpredictability. Our goal is to enhance the intrinsic beauty of wood.

In the picture: Obsidian from our Sumo Collection


super wide and natural

Named after lakes in Italy, Flux captures the natural movement of wood across its supersized boards, like the surface of water. Using a curated grade of white oak, the wood’s character is given room to show its natural beauty.


Wide Plank

Flyt Wide is distinguished by natural tones and large sized planks. Like the mountains they’re named after, each colour has its own distinct style and charm, elevated by their scale. Using only full sized boards with subtle colour variation, these products have a calm, unified look.



Subtle colour variation brings life to the herringbone pattern. Named after fish who’s scales inspired the pattern’s name, the collection features five colours for traditional and contemporary spaces. Can be installed as a floated floor.


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Flyt Wide Mont Blanc in a NY Residence

Flyt Wide Coto at a Toronto Residence

Flux Como at McFarland Residence

Three collections

Twenty one colours

Made in Germany (designed in house). Our floors are made with quality, durability, integrity, and sustainability in mind.

Founded in 1994 by a family of wood flooring experts.

Our goal is to create beautiful collections of wood floors to offer you. With technical understanding firmly under our belts, we can focus on providing a range that covers all styles of design, from classic to contemporary.

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