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Yorkshore Sales and Marketing is proud to be your premier source for high quality commercial flooring materials. Our inventory is filled with innovative flooring products from respected manufacturers like American Biltrite, Avion, Full Sail, Old Wood, DinoFlex, Grabo, and USG.  We pride ourselves in providing you with superior products and world class customer service. We have been trusted in supplying Southeast (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina) and Northeast regions (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island) with flooring materials and industry expertise for over 15 years! 

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My experience with several brands of flooring over the years within my hospital has led me to highly recommend Mirra luxury vinyl plank and tile as well as Texas Granite solid vinyl tile from American Biltrite and Yorkshore Sales. We have had great success with these products in a variety of different departments. Due to their extremely high PSI rating and no wax feature they continue to perform year after year while keeping maintenance to a minimum. I look forward to using them on every possible project!


Richard Urban
Arnold Palmer Medical Center Facilities Manager

I wanted to take this opportunity to confirm the success we have had with your Texas Granite product here at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. Your product has proven to be extremely durable and added a great look that has been well received by our staff and visitors. Additionally, we have had the opportunity to reduce the amount of chemicals utilized to maintain the floors along with a substantial reduction in FTE man-hours. The burnishing of your product is easy and produces a great look that keeps our floors meeting our high standards.

Donald Paschal
Facilities Director, Florida Hospital Winter Park

I wanted to let you know how well we like the Texas Granite flooring. It has been a very valuable product for enhancing our appearance here at Lakeland Regional Health. The flooring always looks good, as if it has received a nice shine from waxing. One of the good points about the flooring product is that it does not require waxing, we are able to save a lot of time and labor just by running the buffing machine over the floor. It is a faster and less obtrusive way to maintain our heavy traffic floors. All of our entrances and corridors using the Texas Granite product look amazing, and are extremely easy to maintain. We did purchase some slower RPM floor scrubbing machines just for the Texas Granite. It has helped us to keep with the manufacturer specifications on maintenance. This has been and excellent flooring product, and the performance has exceeded our expectations.

Thomas Aulisio
Supervisor of Facilities Operations - Lakeland Regional Health

I  would  like  to  take  a  moment  to  recognize  the  success  Orlando  Health  has  had  with your  product  offerings  we  have  installed  including:  American Biltrite,  Mirra  and  Texas Granite. As  the  Facility  Manager  at  both  South  Seminole  hospital  and  Dr.  P  Philips  hospital,  I have  been  delighted  with  the  performance  and  durability  of your  products  in  each  of the variety  of  applications  we  have  installed  them.   They  withstand  continuous  weighty  rolling  traffic  and  at  the  same  time have  proven to  be  a  wonderful  time  saver  when  it  comes  to  the  ease  of  cleaning and  maintaining. The  products  have  been  very  well  received  by  all  of  our  staff;  they  are  consistent with  our  high  standards  and  a  positive  patient  experience. Your  customer  support  is  second  to  none.

Robert J. Resetar
Facility Manager - Dr. P Phillips Hospital & South Seminole Hospital