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Commercial flooring should be durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Selecting the right commercial flooring solution is important in ensuring your floor looks great despite heavy use. It is also important that it minimizes interruption of business and can save you time and money by avoiding frequent repairs and replacements. Some additional factors to consider when deciding on commercial flooring include ambiance and foot traffic. Different flooring options can carry a big influence on ambiance, such as using LVT to create a sleek and modern atmosphere or rigid planks to generate a warmer environment. Areas with lighter traffic can also utilize stone or tile solutions while heavy areas may need use rubber or vinyl for durability.

Commercial Flooring Needs

Low maintenance


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Recommended Commercial Products

American Biltrite

AB Pure
Luxury 500
Texas Granite

Full Sail Flooring

Wood Essence


Natures Collection


ABPure (Imagine Sheet, Hammered Tile, Imagine Tile, Pure Slate, & Pure Round)

  • Hammered: 3mm available in 17 13/16″ x 17 13/16″ or 35 11/16″ x 35 11/16″
  • Slate: 3mm available in 17 13/16″ x 17 13/16″ or 35 11/16
  • Round: 3mm available in 17 11/16″ x 17 11/16″ or 35 1/2″ x 35 1/2″
  • Imagine: 2 or 3mm available in 17 13/16″ x 17 13/16″ or 35 11/16″ x 35 11/16″
  • Available profiles

ABPure Natural Slate


Luxury 500 Wood


Luxury 500 Stone


Mirra Wood


Mirra Stone


Texas Granite








Creek Street Wood Plank Wide 7″ x 48″

Creek Street Wood Plank Narrow 4″ x 36″


Creek Street Slate 18″ x 18″


Creek Street Stone 18″ x 18″

Mill Street






Wood Essence