We have extensive expertise in supplying hospitals, medical offices, and medical facilities with best-in-class commercial flooring solutions. From indentation resistance to infection control and lower maintenance, our durable finishes help create long lasting, beautiful healthcare spaces that can stand the test of time. Products specifically made for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, dentist and doctor’s offices, clinics, and more. The result is a flooring that is not only good for health professionals, but also promotes the health and safety of patients.


Designing the perfect space in an education environment can be a challenging job with school flooring, as there are many different types of applications – from preschools, K-12, or colleges & universities. Each application consists of a variety of surface needs, including classrooms, hallways, gyms, computer labs and more. We specialize in providing school flooring solutions that combine design with durability, from fully customizable vinyl and rubber, to natural wood tiles & planks, and carpet for strengthening sound insulation.


Retail environments are unique in the commercial flooring industry as stores must be aesthetically pleasing while also being able to represent their brand. Floor covering must reinforce your brand message while also being able to provide high durability. From vinyl, wood, laminate or carpet – retail flooring can consist of a variety of design combinations from traditional wood plank designs to more modern modern tiles.


Commercial flooring for the hospitality industry must be aesthetically pleasing and safe. Whether it’s in a restaurant, hotel, casino or museum, there are a number of needs that must be met. The ultimate challenge is selecting a floor covering that can provide durability needed for the business, while also providing beauty for the guests. Similar to retail spaces, the flooring selected goes a long way in reinforcing a brand image and creating a pleasant ambiance that is comforting to guests.