What are some current hospital design trends?

One of the most popular design trends in recent years that has taken over a variety of industries, including hospitals, has been the growing green & sustainable design. The green presence in healthcare projects has grown, as designers and builders pursue LEED certifications and like to incorporate sustainability into their innovative designs.

This also serves to satisfy the company’s board of directors, as sustainability reports have carried an increasingly larger effect on company’s profits and investment as they begin to realize how important sustainability is to corporate competitiveness. Large investors are consistently seeking greater transparency into how companies are addressing environmental and social trends. Resulting in sustainability issues being factored into corporate and investment strategies, rather than mere sustainability programs. This opens the door to start sustainability from the ground up (literally) with the type of flooring chosen.

Another popular design trend over the last few years has been the shift away from high-glossy wax finishes on resilient flooring to more no-wax, matte options. Facility managers are trying to save time and money on the maintenance for products that don’t require frequent waxing. A process that normally takes a lot of time to complete and dry, which impacts hospitals’ ability to turn over rooms quickly.

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