Our best-in-class collection of hardwood commercial flooring products feature elegant designs and resourceful wood from Old Wood.


• Offers a unique yet classic look with superior durability
• Ideal for restaurants, hotels, and other high-traffic applications
• Can be stained to suit your own particular tastes

  • Superior durability, tight grain, and rich red colorations
  • Janka rating of 2345 (80% harder than red oak)
  • Blocks available in 4×4″, 3×4″, 3×3″, 2×4″, 2×3″, and 2×2″ widths
  • Hexagons available in 3.5″ dimensions
  • 1/2″ thick
  • Additional colors: Golden Pecan
  • Sourced from fire reclamation efforts
  • Richly-textured features a tight ring structure, making it highly durable
  • Natural blue stain
  • Sizes 3×3, 3×4, 4×4, 3×5, 4×6, 4×8
  • 3/4″ thick
  • Herringbone and pinwheel patterns available in 3×6 and 4×8
  • Aromatic and colorful wood
  • Deep red and purple colorations with striking color streaks
  • Sourced from SW America with help of Alamo Navajo Band
  • Similar to mesquite, harder than common pine varieties


• Widths between 13-24″ (average is between 6-8″)
• Very customizable (Wide array of textures and styles)
• Can be up to 24″ in width and 20″ long
• Thickness is either 7/8″ or full 1″

  • Made from either Douglas Fir or Ponderosa Pine
  • Character grade floor is still number one grade, all defects have been removed to give best look and quality
  • Book-matched boards and sequential pairs will all come with your floor
  • Made on a real circular saw (all marks are real)
  • Ideal for restaurants, clubhouses and hotels
  • Like circle sawn, but with marks of a band saw
  • Slightly “toned down” in comparison
  • Made using block planes
  • Carefully sanded to prevent splinters, absorbs stains
  • One of the most popular models
  • Name derived from the once-common technique of using a draw knife to scrape a plank into smoothness
  • Unique finish combines aspects of skip planed, hand planed, and hand scraped, underlying a unique “Cobbler Finish” by using a variety of hammers to create clusters
  • Draws inspiration from an early 19th century cobbler’s table in Santa Fe
  • Combination of “dock of bay” and “burn and brush” for a beautiful finish
  • Brushing increases wear on Fir and Pine floors, as it removes the softer “spring wood” from between the rings