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The biggest difference between luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), and sheet vinyl flooring is the size. LVT and LVP are made into smaller sections in the shape of stone tile

Yes, we offer a variety of recycled commercial products from Dinoflex .

Ideal for a variety of applications including:
– Commercial retail
– Pharmacies
– Commercial banking industry
– Hospitality
– Laboratory workstations – Nursing, Spa, Dental, Physiotherapy

The first step in choosing the right carpet is identifying your environment and traffic areas.

In high-traffic areas, dense loop pile carpet made of durable nylon is preferred. This provides much higher durability that is suitable for heavy commercial areas.

For rooms with outside or pet access, consider purchasing a low-pile carpet with soil and stain resistant treatments.

For low-activity spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, try a soft, plush carpet.

Yes, rubber flooring is very durable. Specially designed to stand up to heavy workouts and high traffic environments. Great for sound insulation and easy maintenance.

Linoleum shares similar attributes because it is a type of vinyl flooring. However, modern vinyl floors have advanced to provide maximum underfoot comfort, an eco-friendly layered construction, and wide variety of styles. Linoleum on the other hand is an older product that was first patented 150 years ago. Linoleum is made from all natural and biodegradable materials, which limits designs and much more difficult to cut. Vinyl flooring provides an incredible amount of styles and designs available as the designs are printed, providing tremendous variety at a low cost.


linoleum vinyl comparison sheet tile

Vinyl is versatile and can be installed in virtually any room. The mix of fashionable style and extreme durability of luxury vinyl flooring makes the floor ideal for heavy traffic environments like hospitals, schools, retail, offices, hospitality and more. Our LVTs are superior in wear resistance and can be suited for hallways, walkways, and more. The water-resistant qualities of vinyl flooring also enables it to be installed in rooms with increased moisture or below-grade rooms like basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

FloorScore is a voluntary, independent certification program that tests and certifies hard surface flooring and associated products for compliance with criteria adopted in California for indoor air emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with potential health effects. Floorscore is the most recongnized indoor air quality certification standard for hard surface flooring materials. Qualifies for many green building schemes including LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, and CHPS.

LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile, a type of vinyl flooring made to emulate the look of stone or ceramic flooring, with the added benefits of vinyl.

LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank, made to mimic hardwood flooring.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring are made into smaller sections in the shape of stone tile or hardwood flooring planks. These sections mimic the look and feel of stone/ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring planks. Sheet vinyl flooring is more traditional, made from long rolls of continuous vinyl

WPC – Wood Plastic Composite

Also known as waterproof core vinyl flooring or engineered vinyl flooring. WPC vinyl is manufactured with a wood-plastic composite backing instead of the traditional PVC backing. Engineered backing combines recycled wood and plastic composites to form a bond of strength and stability, topped by a vinyl top layer. WPC is thicker than your traditional vinyl.


SPC – Stone Plastic Composite

Also known as stone-polymer composite. SPC is typically referred to as rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. 100% waterproof.


LVF – Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring encompasses both WPC and SPC. Offers glue down or interlocking installation mechanism.

No, we offer a variety of LVT products that offer best-in-class durability and require no wax! Saving your facility valuable time and money with decreased maintenance procedures.

One of the most important decisions you need to make when choosing your rubber flooring is the thickness needed. The thicker the rubber, the longer the flooring will last. Thicker rubber will also provide softer underfoot, better cushioning, and superior shock/sound absorption. Higher thickness will result in higher cost.

Thin Rubber Flooring – 3/8″ to 1/2″ 

  • Ideal for bodyweight exercises, light dumbbells, etc

Medium Thickness – 1/2″ to 3/5″ 

  • Ideal for commercial gyms, free weights, crossfit, and more.

Thick Thickness – 3/5″ to 14/16″

  • Ideal for commercial gyms, heavy free weight area, deadlifts, powerlifting and squats

Commercial Rubber Mats Thickness

Yes it is! All of our rubber products offer customizable options including colors, logos and patterns.

Click here to use Dinoflex’s custom color innovator.

Rubber flooring is among the longest lasting and best-performing flooring options. There are a variety of benefits available including:

  • Shock Absorption – Rubber provides significant shock absorption that reduces fatigue and foot injury
  • Soft Underfoot – Soft and comfortable underfoot
  • Resistance to Heavy Load – Rubber can withstand thousands of pounds of equipment without bending or breaking due to its high density
  • Great Durability – Strong, tough, and long lasting which makes it hard to gouge, scuff or scratch
  • Water Resistance – Resistance to moisture, making rubber invulnerable to mold and mildew
  • Slip Resistance – Rubber provides a good grip, so rubber flooring is non-slip and helps reduces slip and falls
  • Safety – Soft and resilient covering provides excellent protection with superior shock-absorption and cushioning.
  • Sound Absorption – Rubber has the ability to absorb sound and muffle the ambient noise. Ideal for apartment or multi-family gyms that may have residents living below.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a versatile resilient floor covering that can be used in hospitals, schools, offices, retail stores, walkways, libraries and more! Some benefits of LVT include:

  • Tile/Plank Flexibility: Available in various format shapes and sizes
  • Creative Designs: Easily craft unique designs and patterns
  • Realistic Patterns: Designs created with high quality printing from real wood and stone
  • Long-lasting Durability: Ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and rolling loads
  • Low Maintenance: Less cleaning time required, saves money and less downtime
  • Easy Installation: Quick and simple installation

Rubber flooring offers an eco-friendly, green flooring solution:

  • Most flooring is made from recycled rubber material
  • Natural rubber is a rapidly renewable raw material
  • Feature low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
  • Floorscore certified to meet strict indoor air quality requirements
  • Qualify for LEED credits
  • Interlocking tiles can be installed without any adhesives, making floor 100% recyclable
  • Long durability and life cycle reduces the need for frequent replacement

Rubber naturally has a “rubbery” smell. Although recycled rubber products smell a bit less than rubber, the odor usually disappears soon after installation once it has the opportunity to air out.

Rubber flooring is available in two styles:

Square Edge – Square tiles that must be glued together.

Interlocking Tiles – Tiles that click together like puzzle pieces. They do not require any glue or other adhesives and can be quickly and easily put into place by anyone;

Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of choices. Vinyl is a resilient flooring that can replicate the look of wood, stone or tile floors. Generally composed of a bottom layer of strength and durability, with a printed design and protective wear layer above.

Cupping and crowning are caused when water is trapped between the wood floor and the subfloor. Cuppping occurs when the floor is caused by changes in moisture levels in the air, due to excessive moisture which causes the wood flooring to swell. When the boards crush together and deform at the edges, it forms a “cup” due to the excessive moisture. Crowning is the opposite, when the center of the board is higher than its edges. Crowning can occur when the surface of the floor encounters moisture or is left in wet or humid conditions for an extended period of time.

The best way to maintain your floor is to sweep, dust mop and/or vacuum the floors regularly. You should avoid excessive moisture to avoid cupping or crowning. A slightly damp mop may be used to mop up a spill.

In order to maximize the durability and beauty of your hardwood flooring, here are a few recommended practices:

  • Place doormats/rugs at entrances to collect moisture and dirt
  • Dust mop or vacuum regularly
  • For sticky spots, use a soft damp cloth the gently scrub
  • Avoid harsh chemical detergents or abrasive cleaners
  • Avoid excessive water
  • Clean spills immediately
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods


Yes hardwood can improve air quality. Unlike carpeting, bacteria, dust, dirt and allergens cannot cling to wood flooring.

With so many colors and species available, it can be quite overwhelming! A few factors to consider would be: compare wall paint colors and furnishings with hardwoods’ natural colors/stains, distinctive grain patterns, and visual effects such as knots and mineral streaks. Not sure where to start? Contact your local flooring expert and they would be more than happy to work with you to provide a best fitting hardwood.

Grading refers to where the ground meets your house.

Below Grade

  • Basements are considered below grade since they are at least on wall below ground level.

On Grade

  • First floor sits at ground level and is considered “on grade”.

Above Grade

  • Any floors above ground level are above grade.


  • Faster and easier installation
  • Minimal disruption to your home
  • Fast cleanup time
  • Usually less expensive labor costs because sanding, staining, and coating are performed in the factory


  • Availability of more wood species, widths, and cuts that can be matched to existing wood floors
  • Allows for custom onsite sanding, staining, and coating with a protective sealant after installation

Yes, our carpet products qualify for LEED credits.

Yes, all of our products are green label plus certified.

We have a local inventory filled with stock at our warehouse location in Longwood. For accurate delivery and shipping, please contact your local sales rep. 

Product pricing can vary depending on size of the project. To get exact pricing, please contact your nearest sales rep.

To request a sample, fill out a sample request form here. All flooring samples are free and are shipped within 1 business day.

When it comes to picking a flooring solution for operating rooms, it is crucial to create a sterile environment. Operating rooms require flooring that will discourage the spread and reproduction of harmful organisms. A few factors to consider include:

  • EPA antimicrobial protection
  • Resistance to stains
  • Puncture resistance from sharp objects
  • ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) options to protect electronic equipment
  • Cove-to-wall base
  • Seamless floor
  • Fast curing options

Not all floor coverings are designed to meet the rigorous criteria to be installed in operating rooms. This is why we have carefully cultivated a list of the best flooring solutions for hospital and healthcare facilities. Seamless flooring that will prohibit areas that harbor bacteria or germs, while also offering superior compressive strength which ensures that heavy equipment can be wheeled in and out without damage to the floor.

If you have any specific project based question or any other questions, please contact your local sales rep. 

Hospital Commercial Flooring - American Biltrite - Yorkshore - Dade City AdventHealth

Yes, we carry a conductive electrotile and static dissipative tile. Best-in-class products that require low maintenance (with no wax) and a lifetime warranty of conductivity. Ensuring that expensive electronic equipment stays protected.

What is the difference between conductive and dissipative? ESD floors are categorized based on their electrical resistance properties. Conductive floors measure 1.0 x 10E6 and < 1.0 x 10E9.

Healthcare flooring provides unique characteristics that must be met as hospitals rely on flooring to be able to withstand heavy 24/7 foot traffic, fight infections at the ground level, and keep staff and patients safe from a slip and falls. A few characteristics one must consider before purchasing hospital flooring include:

• Anti-slip
• Infection control
• Seamless
• Low maintenance
• Resistance to indentation (static and dynamic)
• Flash coved and heat welded for increased hygiene

One of the most popular design trends in recent years that has taken over a variety of industries, including hospitals, has been the growing green & sustainable design. The green presence in healthcare projects has grown, as designers and builders pursue LEED certifications and like to incorporate sustainability into their innovative designs.

This also serves to satisfy the company’s board of directors, as sustainability reports have carried an increasingly larger effect on company’s profits and investment as they begin to realize how important sustainability is to corporate competitiveness. Large investors are consistently seeking greater transparency into how companies are addressing environmental and social trends. Resulting in sustainability issues being factored into corporate and investment strategies, rather than mere sustainability programs. This opens the door to start sustainability from the ground up (literally) with the type of flooring chosen.

Another popular design trend over the last few years has been the shift away from high-glossy wax finishes on resilient flooring to more no-wax, matte options. Facility managers are trying to save time and money on the maintenance for products that don’t require frequent waxing. A process that normally takes a lot of time to complete and dry, which impacts hospitals’ ability to turn over rooms quickly.

Green environmental flooring - sustainable commercial flooring

The biggest needs for multi-family applications include:

• Affordable
• Design and Style
• Low Maintenance
• High Durability

We offer a series of gypsum underlayments that are ideal for multifamily construction and compatible with all floor types. UL classified for fire resistance with compressive strenghts up to 10,000 psi.

We offer several elegant and effective solutions for multi-family facilities. Flooring that provides a stylish residential look with a dependable commercial performance. Some of our most popular multi-family solutions include:

Static loads are loads that don’t change over time.

Static load testing, as it relates with resilient flooring covers the ASTM Test F-790, “Standard Test Method for Static Load Limit”. This test method is designed to evaluate the ability of a flooring product to withstand or recover from indentation. This test method is designed to evaluate the ability of a flooring product to withstand or recover from indentation. This can refer to tables/chairs in schools or beds in hospitals. For example, a desk weighing 400 lbs, with four feet, would generate a load of 100 PSI at each foot on the floor’s surface. An occupied hospital bed weighing approximately 700 pounds, would produce a floor loading of 583 PSI per wheel (with each wheel having .3 square inches of contact). Static loads can result in tips, tears, gouges, displacement of adhesive of the flooring.

Static load limit is one of many characteristics of a floor’s durability; in addition to stain resistance, puncture resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Full Sail Flooring

Aura RQ
Pebble RQ

American Biltrite

Texas Granite


Sport Flooring

When it comes to commercial flooring needs at school, here’s a few important needs:

• Scratch, stain and scuff resistant
• Durable with indentation resistance
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Assortment of colors

Choosing the right flooring is vital as it can be responsible for enhancing the learning environment. According to studies done by Dr. Sheryl Reinisch, Dean of the College of Education at Concordia University-Portland, high-quality classroom environments “help children feel safe, secure, and valued” and as a result, students are more motivated to engage in the learning process.

Yes, we have a wide selection of playground tiles. Our playground tiles reduce injuries from falls, meets ASTM F1292-09 and ADA standards, qualifies for LEED credits, and is water permeable. Features a unique interlocking system that can easily be installed with no glue and is very durable with low maintenance required.

For more recycled rubber products, browse our large selection of indoor and outdoor rubber products.

American Biltrite

AB Pure
Luxury 500
Texas Granite

Full Sail Flooring

Wood Essence


Natures Collection


• Durability
• Aesthetic
• Low maintenance

One of the most popular commercial design trends is the shift away from high-glossy wax finishes on resilient flooring to more no-wax, matte options. Facility managers are trying to save time and money on the maintenance for products that don’t require frequent waxing. A process that normally takes a lot of time to complete and dry.

• Fast installation
• Long life cycle (high ROI)
• Low maintenance required

Recommended Corporate Products




American Biltrite

Luxury 500


Core Plus
Core Premium

Full Sail Flooring

Wood Essence

Transition strips, aka reducers or adapters are used every time that one type of flooring meets another. As different flooring materials will have slight height variations, they must be smoothed with transition strips to allow people to safely walk.

Carpet tiles are an alternative to traditional broadloom carpet. Rather than arriving in 10-15 foot rolls, carpet tiles are perfect small square pieces of carpet. Usually between 12″ to 36″. Carpet tiles may be used in high traffic applications where a stained or damaged tile can be easily replaced.

In patterned carpet, carpet repeat is the distance from one point to another where the design appears again. Pattern repeat is measured in length and width.

For commercial applications, a wall base is the covering that is required at the point where the wall meets the floor. Wall base protects the bottom of the wall while providing a sleek, finished look to the room. Wall base can be made from a variety of materials, including ceramic, rubber, vinyl or wood.

Similar to wall base, the cove base refers to the slight curl at the bottom of the base. While a straight base is a flat base with no curl at the bottom.

Biophilic design is a concept in the design industry that incorporating elements of the natural environment lead to increased employee satisfaction at work. This is done through the use of direct/indirect nature, space and place conditions. Growing evidence is beginning to reveal the numerous positive affects of biophilic design, including enhanced learning, recovery from illness, increased satisfaction and improved work performance.

Direct experience of nature

  • Light
  • Air
  • Ventilation
  • Plants

Indirect experience of nature 

  • Images of nature
  • Natural materials
  • Simulations of natural light
  • Natural geometrics

Space and Place

  • Prospect and Refuge
  • Organized Complexity
  • Integration of Parts
  • Transitional Spaces

We specialize in providing best-in-class commercial flooring materials.

If you are interested in flooring products for residential use, please visit our sister company Anchor Floor & Supply.


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