July 2019 Product of the Month – TecCare

July 2019 – Product of the Month

TecCare by American Biltrite

TecCare by American Biltrite is a unique floating floor like no other. TecCare is a 4.5 mm, 12 mil wear layer(tile or plank: 3 mm, underlayment: 1.5 mm) self-contained floating floor system in one carton for light to medium commercial use. Unique and innovative technology, combining a recycled underlayment and “peel and stick” planks, making it a perfect fit for multi-unit developments, retail spaces, renovation projects, educational and multi-family applications. The TecCare system provides speed and ease of installation, durability and beauty.

TecCare is a three-part system for use over existing flooring. TecCare is flexible enough to cover up many minor imperfections in subfloors which means that it can be laid down directly on virtually any hard surface (wood, vinyl, and concrete among others) provided it is relatively smooth.

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Features & Benefits


Three-part system includes:

  • 6″ x 36″ planks (24 square foot coverage per carton)
  • Factory-bonded adhesive (incorporated onto the back of planks)
  • 12″ x  36″ underlayment panels (26 square foot coverage per carton)


Three-part system includes:

  • 18″ x 18″ tiles (22.5 square foot coverage per carton)
  • Factory bonded adhesive (incorporated onto the back of tiles)
  • 18″ x 18″ underlayment panels (24.75 square foot coverage per carton)


About American Biltrite

American Biltrite has been serving North America for over six decades, offering sensible flooring solutions for every type and size of commercial project. They are committed to R&D which means their products are developed and tested with your facility in mind. Certifications like FloorScore and meeting LEED requirements demonstrate how American Biltrite constantly strives to improve their manufacturing processes and product lines to continually exceed their customer’s needs.