Design Considerations for School Facilities Post Pandemic

This easy-to-use guide from the EUA explores potential ways school design may be impacted by COVID-19. Outlining both initial strategies for modifying existing facilities and design considerations for future facility planning.

The guide is focused on seven main areas:
• Learning Spaces
• Building Circulation
• Main Office + Health Room
• Common Spaces
• Restrooms
• Staff Resource Spaces
• Other Considerations

How Will School Flooring Needs Change?

As many schools begin preparing for the upcoming school year, the question remains: “How will school design change in a post-covid environment?”

Within the flooring industry, products with antimicrobial properties that can eliminate COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria have grown increasingly popular. Emphasizing the need for easy clean and ability to be quickly disinfected. This includes a variety of flooring products such as solid vinyl tilesLVT, and sheet vinyl. New products like our Sonata Elements have appeared to offer the perfect balance of design aesthetic with low maintenance. Sonata Elements is a durable textile “carpet” LVT that performs exceptionally well with the disinfecting agents recommended by the EPA to destroy harmful bacteria. Providing the durability of vinyl with the visuals of carpet.

Another market segment that has increasingly grown in demand is hygienic wall cladding.  Our wall cladding provides active antimicrobial protection with silver ion-infused blend and has been showed by studies to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and molds!