Top 5 School Flooring Solutions in 2019


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Top 5 School Flooring Solutions in 2019

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for schools, there are plenty of options to consider including laminate, vinyl tile, carpet, rubber and more. This decision is important as the flooring selected plays a big part in enhancing the learning environment. To help with this decision, we have compiled the top 5 commercial flooring products for schools in 2019.

Each product featured is designed to create durable, beautiful, and stunning learning spaces that support productive studying. Best-in-class products that provide true value that goes beyond just the original purchasing price, featuring significantly reduced maintenance costs, superior resistance to indentation from tables/chairs, and reliable long lasting durability.

Educational Flooring Needs

Scratch, stain and scuff resistant
Durable with indentation resistance
Easy to clean and maintain
Assortment of colors

Featured Products

1) ABPure – Rubber

ABPure is the most durable rubber product on the market. It features a revolutionary new rubber formulation that avoids color fading and is the only rubber flooring product in the industry that passes the ASTM F1515 (measures color change from exposure to light). Easy to install and will not whiten, crack or break. Available in 36 vibrant colors and a variety of styles including tile, sheet, hammered, slate and round. Custom logo and floor design capabilities available.

2) Mirra – LVT

Mirra is the finest LVT in the flooring industry, made with a true hand-scraped finish and a superior 30mil wear layer (which is 50% greater than most traditional LVTs). The multi-layer construction resists scuffs and stains, increases ergonomic comfort, and emulates the look and feel of natural geometric patterns. Available in over 21 styles, including wood and stone, as tiles or planks.


3) Fortis – Sheet Vinyl

Fortis is a flexible, homogeneous, non-directional floor covering with a delicate design incorporated throughout the entire thickness of the product. The surface is densely treated for superior wear resistance and reduced maintenance. Inexpensive flooring choice that provides high durability, comfort underfoot, stain resistance, and easy installation. Available in sheets and tiles.

4) Wov Collection – Carpet

Wov collection is one of the many carpet styles that we carry from Totally Carpet. Easily customizable with 7 usable running line colors. Totally Carpet specializes in producing high-performance luxury tile & broadloom carpet for commercial use that is backed by a patented manufacturing method. Beautiful residential look with dependable commercial quality.

5) Nature’s Collection- Recycled Rubber

Nature’s Collection by Dinoflex is one of the most versatile, durable and attractive recycled rubber flooring products available. Combining the utility and versatility of rubber with the sophistication of cork. Interlocking and square edge tiles can be used in a variety of interior applications such as classrooms or gyms (click here to view exterior products).

Bonus –  Texas Granite – Solid Vinyl

Texas Granite by American Biltrite is one of the most durable solid vinyl products available, ideal for tough applications like schools and hospitals. Texas Granite offers superior indentation resistance to everyday school challenges with tables and chairs, as well as minimal maintenance required. A true no wax floor that will great year after year.


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