Starting with Jobsite photo of metal studs.
Narrative: Job Superintendent: “I need all the floors in next week.”
The construction process and scheduling has never been easy to manage, especially with all the new innovations, high tech and complex systems going into each of these aesthetically beautiful and efficient commercial buildings. Adding a few days or weeks to each trade to complete their work uninterrupted probably will never happen.
Texas Granite solid vinyl tile may be part of the flooring solution from the day it’s installed and throughout the entire flooring life-cycle. In many cases, Texas Granite is installed early in the construction process with little or no floor protection. After the initial scrubbing and burnishing, plus routine cleaning and maintenance, Texas Granite will be around for decades to come and prove itself to be the lowest total cost solution.
picture of AH South Old Corridor
Narrative: 18 year old Texas Granite receiving corridors
picture of AH South New Cor. receiving corridors
picture of Baptist Jax Receiving
Narrative: New TG floor only renovated to updated color scheme in healthcare receiving and joining corridors
picture Health First Palm Bay
picture Baptist South ED
picture LRH Grasslands
picture WDW Tony’s Tavern
picture Tallahassee school locker room
Narrative: Texas Granite is not only the most durable “Best in Class” solid vinyl tile but also is available in a variety of classic and contemporary colors, specified in every commercial market segment.
picture Kimball Electronics
Narrative: Texas Granite is also available in Conductive and Dissappative – 150,000sf OEM manufacturer
picture of OR with flash cove
Narrative: Texas Granite has very little filler and high vinyl content so is flashed coved and heat welded for operating rooms. With high vinyl content and 2500psi, Texas Granite is naturally Betadine resistant and outperforms other resilient floors under patient beds
Let Texas Granite be part of your commercial flooring project – contact us and let us show you how it may be the lowest total cost solution for you