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USG Durock Tuf-Skim Floor Patch

Trowel-able high early strength floor repair patch Durock Tuf-Skim Floor Patch is a fast-setting, fast-drying chemically hardening compound for use over interior gypsum underlayment and wood/concrete subfloors. Reduces water demand and allows for quicker drying times.

USG Durock Tuf-Skim Floor Patch

Features & Benefits

  • UL classified for use in fire-rated assemblies
  • Fast-setting with an exceptionally strong bond and no shrinkage
  • Reduced water demand for quicker drying time
  • Requires no priming over most surfaces
  • Can be troweled any thickness in small, well-defined areas (featheredge to 1/2 in. in large areas)
  • Mixes easily, provides smooth finish and is crack resistant
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