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USG Durock Tile Membrane

A lightweight, waterproof, high-performance underlayment and tilebacker that installs quickly in residential or light commercial spaces. Durock Tile Membrane is water-resistant, thin, and vapor-permeable for ideal use on nearly every floor or counter top designed accept tile. The mold and mildew-resistant membrane rolls out flat and cuts easily, making installation quick and virtually mess-free. Can be used with Durock Tile Membrane Adhesive.

USG Durock Tile Membrane

Features & Benefits

  • Use under tile in floor, wall, or counter top applications
  • Installs quickly – no mechanical fasteners required
  • Cuts with scissors or knife – no dust or mess
  • Rolls out flat – no rollback memory
  • Proprietary cementitious coating provides outstanding tile bond
  • Crack-isolation solution when installed with Durock Membrane Adhesive
  • Waterproof and vapor-permeable membrane


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