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USG Durock Primer-Sealer

High quality floor underlayment primer and sealer in one. Durock Brand Primer-Sealer is a high-solids sealant for priming highly porous concrete, precast concrete, wood subfloors, and oriented strand boards (OSB). Ideal for priming surfaces and subfloors prior to application of poured underlayment.

USG Durock Primer-Sealer.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhances bond between substrate and underlayment
  • Effective in the treatment of underlayments prior to application of water-based floor covering adhesives
  • Ideal for use on porous and nonporous concrete subfloors
  • Fast-drying, single coat application
  • Has no adverse effect on floor-covering adhesives
  • Mildew-resistant, does not stain finished
  • May also be used as a sealer for Durock Brand Self-Leveling Underlayment
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