December Product of the Month

December 2019 – Product of the Month

Stamina Sports Flooring by Grabo

Grabo offers a variety of sport flooring products for every type of application from school gyms, basketball courts, tennis courts, fitness centers, yoga studios and more. Stamina by Grabo has a 2mm top layer thickness, but is also available in 4.5mm, 6mm, 6.7mm & 8.0mm sizes. Each product features Grabo’s own patented TECH top layer surface that offers superior durability and lower maintenance.

Like sports footwear, the quality of your sports floor covering plays a critical factor in the protection of an athlete’s back, knees and ankles. All Grabo sport floors are engineered to ensure the best achievable conditions for athletic performance, while prioritizing the safety of athletes on the court. Grabo vinyl sport floors and sport parquet systems provide durable, safe and aesthetically appealing designs for both competitive sports and amateur sporting activities.

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Features & Benefits

    • Efficiently protects athletes’ joints and cartilages during sports or trainingGrabo sport flooring for gyms - commercial sports flooring
  • Patented TECH surface top layer
    • Ensures durability and easy maintenance
  • Optimal slip resistance
  • No wax
  • High energy absorption due to the bottom foam layer
  • GraboSAN treatment stops the growth of germs
  • Fully compliant with EN 14904 requirements
  • Ideal for competitive sports, gyms, yoga studios, and more



View Colors

Stamina (2mm)/Prima (4.5mm)/Elite (6.0mm)/Supreme (6.7mm)/Extreme(8.0mm)


Gymfit 60


Gymfit 50








Supreme Fitness


About Grabo

Graboplast has been a leading special floor manufacturer for more than 110 years. Grabo specializes in producing high quality flooring with advanced technology for commercial applications. Their dedication to innovation and years of experience allows them to create unrivaled flooring solutions that increase safety, minimize maintenance procedures required, and look great! Commercial flooring for all types of applications, from schools, gyms, hospitals, sports and more.