Totally Carpet

Home > Manufacturer Categories > Totally Carpet Totally Carpet Totally Carpet specializes in producing high-performance luxury tile & broadloom carpet for commercial use. Totally Carpet has a tradition of innovation set forth by its founder, Dr. Bob Weiner, who is a multiple patent-holding chemist and founder of The Harbinger Company, Prince Street, and Constantine. They…

Switch Collection

Home > Totally Carpet > Switch Collection Features & Benefits • Inspired by the complexity of a Bargello needlepoint • Culmination of technological advancement and sophisticated styling • Color gradation is imbued with metallic and chromatic high points • Patented yarn manufacturing process Joule Large pattern size. Technical specifications Ohm Large pattern size. Technical specifications


Home > Totally Carpet > Threads Features & Benefits • Stria oriented design inspired by fringe • Muted and saturated hues offers directional ribboning • Enhanced by a dazzle of metallic yarn • Patented yarn manufacturing process • Medium pattern size


Home > Totally Carpet > Valliance Features & Benefits • Rich tip shear texture emulating cobblestone • Contrasting yarn provides a subtle counterpoint to field color • Small pattern size • 5 bold colorways


Home > Totally Carpet > Movement Features & Benefits • Contrasting colors to create exceptional depth • Modern sophistication with dynamic design • Large pattern size • Available in modular tile and broadloom in 7 striking colorways


Home > Totally Carpet > Forté Features & Benefits • Suble interplay of texture, color and pattern • Sophisticated classic plaid • 9 colors inspired by nature • Large pattern size • Elegant solution for a variety of interiors  


Home > Totally Carpet > Strident Features & Benefits • Lustrous sheen and varying yarn heights help to achieve maximum texture and imension • Fitting accompaniment to the Brilliance Collection • Unique textural and striated elements • Ideal for any environment • Medium pattern size

Boards Stria

Home > Totally Carpet > Boards Stria Features & Benefits • Medium pattern size • Interlocking textured bars shift with syncopated rhythm • Field of striations creates depth and enhances texture • Broadloom and tile available in 13 sophisticated colors

Script Collection

Home > Totally Carpet > Script Collection Features & Benefits • Luxurious handcrafted elements add character to textured tip shear • Precise tip shearing combined with random striations • Perfect for wide range of applications • Patented yarn manufacturing process Script Small pattern size. Technical documentation   Template Medium pattern size. Technical documentation  Graph Medium…

Brilliance Collection

Home > Totally Carpet > Brilliance Collection Features & Benefits • Luxurious handcrafted elements add character to textured tip shear • Available in three styles; Brilliance, Plaid and Herringbone • Patented yarn manufacturing process • 18 upscale colorways   Brilliance Small pattern size. Product specifications Plaid Large pattern size. Product specifications Herringbone Large pattern size.…