UltraCeramic Contract

UltraCeramic Engineered Stone A smarter alternative to ceramic, stone or porcelain! Ultraceramic Contract is the newest generation of engineered stone designed specifically for commercial environments.  Featuring innovative technology and a patent-pending design to provide the elegance of grouted ceramic tile without any of the inconvenience.  Contact sales rep UltraCeramic Engineered Stone A smarter alternative to…

Sonata Elements

Sonata Elements LVT with Carpet Visuals Sonata Elements combines sophisticated carpet-like tiles complemented with striated accented tiles. Creating beautiful carpet visuals that look identical to traditional carpet, but paired with the added durability from vinyl tiles. Contact sales rep Sonata Elements LVT with Carpet Visuals Sonata Elements combines sophisticated carpet-like tiles complemented with striated accented…

Jen X

Jen X Whether you’re walking or standing, JEN X provides superior underfoot comfort and support. Enjoy the intelligent design of a comfortable surface with all the underlying benefits of an ergonomic mat. The flexible wear layer is as strong as it is soft, so you can walk and stand longer more comfortably. Key Benefits Waterproof…

Totally Carpet

Home > Manufacturer Categories > Totally Carpet Totally Carpet Totally Carpet specializes in producing high-performance luxury tile & broadloom carpet for commercial use. Totally Carpet has a tradition of innovation set forth by its founder, Dr. Bob Weiner, who is a multiple patent-holding chemist and founder of The Harbinger Company, Prince Street, and Constantine. They…

Switch Collection

Home > Totally Carpet > Switch Collection Features & Benefits • Inspired by the complexity of a Bargello needlepoint • Culmination of technological advancement and sophisticated styling • Color gradation is imbued with metallic and chromatic high points • Patented yarn manufacturing process Joule Large pattern size. Technical specifications Ohm Large pattern size. Technical specifications


Home > Totally Carpet > Threads Features & Benefits • Stria oriented design inspired by fringe • Muted and saturated hues offers directional ribboning • Enhanced by a dazzle of metallic yarn • Patented yarn manufacturing process • Medium pattern size


Home > Totally Carpet > Valliance Features & Benefits • Rich tip shear texture emulating cobblestone • Contrasting yarn provides a subtle counterpoint to field color • Small pattern size • 5 bold colorways


Home > Totally Carpet > Movement Features & Benefits • Contrasting colors to create exceptional depth • Modern sophistication with dynamic design • Large pattern size • Available in modular tile and broadloom in 7 striking colorways


Home > Totally Carpet > Forté Features & Benefits • Suble interplay of texture, color and pattern • Sophisticated classic plaid • 9 colors inspired by nature • Large pattern size • Elegant solution for a variety of interiors  


Home > Totally Carpet > Strident Features & Benefits • Lustrous sheen and varying yarn heights help to achieve maximum texture and imension • Fitting accompaniment to the Brilliance Collection • Unique textural and striated elements • Ideal for any environment • Medium pattern size