Yorkshore Introduces AM-Clad Wall Cladding to the US 

Yorskhore Sales & Marketing has reached an exclusive agreement to introduce AM-Clad’s line of wall cladding products to the United States.

Orlando, FL – Yorkshore Sales & Marketing and AM-Clad have reached an exclusive distribution agreement to introduce AM-Clad’s line of wall cladding products to the United States. AM-Clad is a worldwide manufacturer and their products have been trusted in projects around the world. Including industry-leading corporations like Walmart, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, KFC, and McDonald’s!

This agreement introduces a new type of wall cladding into the US market. AM-Clad’s line of antimicrobial wall cladding products are unique to anything currently available in the marketplace today. Proven to significantly reduce microbial growth, including dangerous pathogens such as MRSA or Listeria Monocytogenes by 99.9%!

AM-Clad is available in 8’, 9’, and 10’ sheets, providing easy-clean and scratch-resistant surfaces. Their products are made from “PVCu” – unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a healthier building material free from any plasticizers. AM-Clad contains no active toxins, no phthalates, no BPAs, and can also be 100% recycled.

Architects, designers, healthcare and hospitality facility professionals can choose from more than 36 colors –  ranging from glossy to textured surfaces. In addition to an unlimited amount of digitally printed designs, such as brick/tile designs, business signage, vivid scenery, animals, and more!

AM-Clad can be used for practically any indoor application, providing an extremely durable wall covering that is chemical resistant, food-safe, impact-resistant, and features an “A” class fire rating. Additionally, it is also thermoformable – allowing for quick and easy installations while eliminating the need for joint & trim pieces. Great for clean areas such as operating rooms or pharmaceutical production that require monolithic surfaces for ultimate hygiene.

More information can be found at: https://yorkshore.com/am-clad


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